Web: Websites, Wordpress, Joomla, Banners, E-Cards, Myspace CSS, Search Engine Optimization, Content Management Systems

Print: Logo Design, Business Cards, Postcards, T-Shirt Designs, Flyers, CD and DVD Layouts

Multimedia: Video Production, Video Optimization, DVD Menus, Enhanced Disc Design, Video Editing, Audio Engineering

Personal: Good design should be personal. No designer can market you better than you can market yourself. This requires a personal, hands on approach that larger studios are unable to offer. Through this type of collaboration I am able to see the project through your eyes, but with a designer's approach. The result is a one of a kind design that represents YOU, and that I take personally.

Professional: I am a professional designer and I don't take those words lightly. Being a professional goes beyond a level of talent and forges into a level of commitment. I live this stuff. It's what I do all day everyday, it's the first thing I think about in the morning, and the last thing I think about before I go to sleep. When I'm not designing, I'm reading about it, learning about it, or finding new and exciting ways to inspire myself. That is what being a professional is all about.

Affordable: My goal is to offer you the highest quality design at a price that fits a small business budget. I'm a small business myself, and in these times I know how hard it can be to meet all of your goals. I'm also in a very competitive field, so I need to keep my pricing competitive. That being said, can you find a lower quote from another designer? You probably can, and if you don't care about quality or results, I suggest you do that. However if you do care about quality and are looking for not only a great design but a simple, straightforward experience, then I challenge you to find a more affordable designer to work with.

Reliable: Reliablitiy is not an added benefit, it is a necessity. Deadlines are often times critical in business. So when a project is your priority, it is MY priority. Communication can also mark the difference between a project's success or failure, so I make myself available for extensive office hours. So when it comes to crucial phases during a project's completion I always advocate at the very least a phone call so that key details don't get lost in the translation of an e-mail.

Experienced: I've been designing for over 10 years now. I have formal training, I've trained with mentors, and I continue to be self taught. Over the past 10 years the most important thing I've learned is that ideas dictate design. If you start with a bad idea, you end up with a bad design. If you start with a good idea, you end up with a good design. And if you start with an amazing idea, you end up with an amazing design.

Honest: Most designer's price jobs at an hourly rate with a rough estimate of how many hours it will take. I feel like this strategy almost promotes dishonesty. Somewhere along the way something won't go according to how they planned it, and all of a sudden you're left footing the bill. I quote a job on a "per project" basis, and if something unexpected comes up, then I feel that I should've had the foresight to plan for it. This is what works for me, and I feel it improves the overall tone to the entire project, rather than having you worry about the final cost. From day one I want you to have a level of certainty that the total on the final invoice will match the original proposal.

Accomodating: I pride myself on being extremely easy to work with. Often times as designers we lose our clients in industry jargon. I go out of my way to explain things in a way that anyone can understand. I also make it a priority to listen to your opinions and take them to heart. Differences of opinion can arise based on clients not understanding what is actually possible or not having a design background. In those times, I explain my reasons and work with you to achieve a solution that makes sense for both sides. There are also times when I may present a project to you and it doesn't fit your vision. That's absolutely fine, I don't take it personally. It only creates a stronger resolve to understand your needs and provide you with a final product that exceeds your expectations.